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Kenneth Auser

Ken Auser
Kenneth Auser
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321 South Riverside Av., Croton on Hudson, NY 10520
Flatiron Abstract LLC

Flatiron Abstract LLC

We provide title insurance and abstract services throughout New York State. With over 38 years experience in the title insurance industry, we know what it takes to get the job done. Fast, personal service is given to all our clients. From contract signing to the actual passing of title, Flatiron Abstract blends total efficiency with total attention. If there’s a question, we answer it. If there’s a problem, we work through it. If there’s a need for a new solution, we find it.


Title Insurance
“Title insurance has been around for more than a century, protecting a precious part of the American Dream – the desire to own a home with as little stress and worry as possible.” – Ken Auser, President

About Flatiron Abstract

With the Internet and other technological advances, it has become easier to conduct business within a local community while maintaining a larger presence – across counties, even across the state. It is no longer necessary to be located in a municipal center or to plant yourself on the courthouse steps.

Why Chose Flatiron for your title insurance?

Flatiron Abstract has all the latest tools, of course, and we use them to make the process as smooth as possible. But we also take pride in making our clients feel like individuals, not email addresses or speed-dial numbers.

We never lose sight of the fact that transferring property affects lives and futures. Our work requires dedication and commitment. It’s important. And it has to be done right.

Why the name?

The word “Flatiron” is a reminder of the infinite variety of real property – from the raw beauty of Boulder Colorado’s Flatiron rock formation to the man-made elegance of Manhattan’s Flatiron building. Flatiron symbolizes something solid and lasting — something that holds value generation after generation. Like land. And businesses. And homes.

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