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Meeting Day

BNI Business Networkers holds its weekly meetings every Tuesday at 7am

Meeting Location

Westchester Diner, Old Albany Road South, Peekskill, NY


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What is BNI?

A business marketing program that allows one person from each profession to join a chapter. The sole purpose of the chapter is to increase business through a structure system of giving referrals.

Where does BNI – Business Networkers meet?

We meet every Tuesday at 7am at the Westchester Diner – 300 Old Albany Post Rd Peekskill, New York (Just off the Welcher Ave. Exit).

Why visit and join BNI?

Because what goes around comes around! People that GIVE business GET business referrals! Visit and see BNI in action!

How do you benefit from BNI?

In many ways:

    • by allowing member the opportunity to present and promote their business to all members in a group exclusively without competing professionals. Each profession has only one representative per chapter.
    • by an increased awareness of your profession from other networking members who will use or recommed your services once they kno and trust you.
    • by substantially increasing and expanding your b business through referrals.
    • by exposing your service and knowledge to businesses an success oriented people throughout the community.
    • by gaining knowledge from information on other networking member’s professions.
    • by using a professionally designed forum to promote yourself and your business efficiently and economically
    • by routinely meeting with other focused, motivated business professionals.
Can anyone join a chapter?

We only take on person from each profession and you request an application with references.

Can anyone join a chapter? We only take one person from each profession. So if you are a residential real estate professional and we already have one, we can refer you to another BNI chapter, or we may help you open another chapter.

BNI® is the world's largest business networking, referrals and word of mouth marketing organization.