Colin Sandler
Colin Sandler

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Medicaid Solutions focuses on working with seniors and their families to make long term plans to meet their care needs. This can include connection to community resources such as home care, adult day care, or any services that help the senior to maintain their independent lifestyle in their home.
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Colin Sandler

I think everyone should strive for true expertise in something. I find great joy in sharing with clients my dedicated expertise in options for long term home care and utilizing the New York State Medicaid system to reach this goal.
I have worked with seniors and their families since 1991. My greatest value:

  • More than a “manager”
  • More than a social worker
  • More than a Medicaid expert

I combine all three capabilities, then work with the care and empathy that makes you feel my arm around your shoulder.
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Elder Care Expert Services – Sadly, many people fail to properly plan for their elder years. Often, the responsibility for long term care falls to their adult children or caregivers, which can be confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming.

Financial Planning for Long Term Care – When developing a Long Term Care Plan for you or your loved ones, the topic that typically first comes up is how to pay for it while also protecting income and assets.

Implementing a Long Term Care Strategy – Once you’ve decided how to pay for the Long Term Care Strategy and Plan, the next step is to determine the best resources to meet your or your loved one’s long term care needs.

Ongoing Care Management – Colin can provide ongoing care management by checking in on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to monitor your or your loved one’s condition and to ensure that all required services are being provided properly.

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